On this page, we list some excellent online resources about monarch butterflies, including some downloadable articles that have appeared recently in various sources.

Downloadable articles:

  • Decline in monarchs in California - A flyer recently published by the Xerces Society - link

  • When butterflies get bugs - An article about butterfly diseases in the latest edition of American Butterflies, written by Drs. Sonia Altizer and Jaap de Roode. Link to PDF here (caution, large file).

  • The Crysallis - the quarterly newsletter from Monarchs Across Georgia, spring 2010 (has many interesting articles, including one by Dr. Sonia Altizer on growing native milkweeds). Link here to PDF.


  • Texas Milkweeds, a website by Harlen and Altus Aschen that describes the milkweeds found in Texas, and also has notes on monarchs - http://www.asclepias.org/

  • Monarch Butterfly in North America website - a gateway to news, information, activities, and resources about the biology and conservation of monarchs. http://www.fs.fed.us/monarchbutterfly/index.shtml

  • MonarchLive - A website that contains broadcasts and webcasts from several points along the migration. Those programs are available as archived video on the web site. http://monarch.pwnet.org

  • Monarchs in the Classroom - Uses monarchs and other insects as focal organisms in inquiry-based teacher workshops. The website contains a wealth of information for teachers, and there is an annual newsletter. Run out of the University of Minnesota. http://www.monarchlab.umn.edu/mitc/

  • Monarchs Across Georgia - An organization in the state of Georgia that promotes monarch conservation and research, organizes annual trips to the monarch overwintering sanctuaries in Mexico, and publishes a newsletter, 'The Crysalis'. http://www.monarchsacrossga.org/

  • Monarch Migration at Point Pelee National Park of Canada - A short website with information on where and when monarchs stop at this site along the north shore of Lake Erie during the fall migration. http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/pn-np/on/pelee/natcul/natcul5.aspx


Below is a listing of great books that contain more information on monarch biology and the people who study monarchs. Clink the link to view the listing on Amazon.com

  • Malcolm, S. B., and M. P. Zalucki. 1993. Biology and conservation of the monarch butterfly. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Amazon Link

  • Pyle, R. M. 1999. Chasing monarchs. Migrating with the butterflies of passage. Houghton Mifflin. Amazon Link

  • Halpern, S. 2001. Four wings and a prayer: caught in the mystery of the monarch butterfly. Random House, New York, NY. Amazon Link

  • Oberhauser, K., and M. Solensky. 2004. The monarch butterfly. Biology and conservation. Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY. Amazon Link

  • Schappert, P. 2004. The last monarch butterfly: conserving the monarch butterfly in a brave new world. Firefly Books, Buffalo, NY. Amazon Link